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Appliance Removal in pierce county, WA

Need Help Getting Rid of Old Appliances? Active Junk Removal Can Help!

Have you got old appliances taking up space in your home? Our team at Active Junk Removal is here to help. We pick up and get rid of old appliances in a fast, safe, and environment-friendly way.

Tacoma and Seattle Appliance Removal Service by Active Junk Removal

The Best Help to Remove Your Old Appliances

We Handle All Kinds of Appliances

At Active Junk Removal, we can help you get rid of:

Old Refrigerator Removed

TVs can be tough to get rid of because of harmful materials inside them. We know how to safely remove and recycle them.

Washers and Dryers

These machines are heavy and bulky. But don't worry! Our team is trained to move them safely.

Refrigerators and Freezers

We know the right way to dispose of fridges and freezers, which have certain chemicals in them.


Upgrading your dishwasher? Count on us to remove the old one.

Stoves and Ovens

Whether they're gas or electric, we know how to safely remove your old stoves and ovens.

How We Remove Any Appliance

Here’s how we deal with all types of old appliances:

1. Schedule a Pickup
Just give us a call or book a pickup online. We’ll give you a free quote for any appliance you need to get rid of.

2.We Come to Your Location
Our team will come to your house, apartment, or business and carefully remove the appliance, whether it’s a fridge, dishwasher, or washing machine. We have the right tools and training to do it safely and efficiently.

3. Safe Disposal
After we pick up the old appliance, we’ll take it to a special facility where it can be properly taken apart and disposed of. We do this in a way that’s safe for the environment. We try to recycle as much of the appliance as we can and safely dispose of the rest.

We Also Help Businesses

If you run a business like a restaurant or a hotel and need to get rid of old appliances, we can help. We’ll work with you to make a plan that suits your needs and schedule.

We Care About the Environment

When we take away your old appliances, we make sure to dispose of them in a way that’s not harmful to the environment. We recycle as much as possible and dispose of the rest in a safe way.

Need help with old appliances? Contact Active Junk Removal today. We offer free quotes and convenient scheduling. Let us handle your appliance removal, so you can focus on other things.

Contact Us

We’re here to help you with your appliance removal needs! For any questions, scheduling a pickup, or getting a free quote, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Phone: You can give us a call at **206-889-3399**. Our friendly team is ready to assist you.

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We look forward to serving you and making your appliance removal process hassle-free and convenient.