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We Provide the Best Hot Tub Removal Services In Washington State!

Has your hot tub recently broke beyond use & you’ve realized the warranty expired years ago? You’re left with two options, get it repaired for nearly the same price you paid for the thing or remove it entirely. If youve decided on the latter, you’ve come to the right page because we provide the best hot tub removal services south of Seattle!

We understand how much work goes into removing a hot tub and thats only half of the battle, after you load it onto your truck you still have to figure out where to dispose of it. At Active Junk Removal, we remove hot tubs, haul them off your property & dispose of them at the appropriate local facility.

old hot tub tilted on its side being remobed

Regardless of why you want your hot tub gone, we’ll be more than happy to professionally handle your removal request. If you live in Tacoma, Puyallup, Spanaway, Lakewood, or University Place then we have a junk removal crew near you ready to haul it off on the same or next day you call us.

Why Choose us To Remove Your Pool, Jacuzzi or Hot Tub?

Hot tub removal results, before and after

We Are A Reliable Junk Removal Company

We don't overbook our crew, we are never late & we will never surprise you with any unexpected costs. When you call us to schedule a hot tub removal appointment we show up on the date & time we agreed upon and we only charge you the estimate that we gave you.

We Have Years Of Hot Tub Hauling Experience

Although we are a small team, we are an experienced one. We only execute safe lifting techniques and we have the tools and equiptment to remove even the most stubborn of jacuzzis off your property.

All Hot Tubs We Remove Get Properly Disposed Of

Our junk trucks are capable of hauling off all your unwanted materials & our network of donation centers, recycling centers and dumping locations give us the options we need to ensure your junk is properly disposed of in a eco-friendly way.

Past Hot Tub Removals Projects We've Completed Near You!

Don’t try to start a hot tub removal project all by yourself, do yourself a favor and book a time with us. Your back will thank you for it.